Time Menu :45/:15

Time Menu :45/:15

Arte Institute suggests: “Time Menu :45/:15”

Time Menu :45/:15
a work by Irina Baldini & Masako Matsushita – Soi3
August 30th at RU – Residency Unlimited
360 Court Street Carroll Gardens _ Brooklyn

Time is a meter with which we can measure value of our performance.
A visual-art piece usually has no time restrains (you can look at it for however long you want). Performance tends to have a beginning (or a sense of it) and an end (or a sense of it).
If you can measure the value of an object with money by buying it for you to experience it for a longer time, could you make of a performance a durable experience?

Dancers Irina Baldini & Masako Matsushita wish to experiment the work with you over two hours. There will be four slots of time, 30 minutes each, starting at 3:45 followed by 4:15, 4:45 and 5:15.

The doors of RU will close at the beginning of each round. If you are late do not worry, doors will open again every 30 minutes.

You are welcome to stay for the whole duration of the sharing or to leave as you please in between each round.