Beatriz Albuquerque | Art that Iterates | NYC

LIBERAcTION by Beatriz Albuquerque

September 3 to September 28
Macy Gallery
525 West 120th Street, 444 Macy Building
New York, NY 10027


Beatriz Albuquerque presents a video-art called LIBERAcTION from 2012.

In this video-art Beatriz Albuquerque explores a Concrete Text Video format with an art approach, Albuquerque hopes that while the viewer engages with this video, he/she may think of Marcuse’s point of view in liberation, in a way that experiencing a work of art is a potential for revolution, and liberation. The video also possesses within it, a twist of Foucault’s idea of Power and Surveillance embedded in the structure.