CTRL-V Video Control

CTRL-V Video Control

The Hemispheric Institute presents a screening of the documentary CTRL-V

Directed by Brazilian cultural researcher LEONARDO BRANT

_Wednesday, August 29, 7pm_

_free (photo ID required)_

CTRL-V VIDEO CONTROL is a documentary about the political-economic
effects of Hollywood on the global audiovisual industry, and on
strategies employed throughout the Americas to foster cultural diversity
and audiovisual democracy. The first part addresses how Hollywood worked
to form an international cartel that took hold of global markets. The
second part deals with the effects of this domination outside the U.S.,
and proposes audiovisual resistance alternatives through government
policies, social movements, and market initiatives. The third part
presents how this struggle for cultural diversity resulted in the
adoption of the UNESCO Convention on the diversity of cultural
expressions, and alerts to the risks of a possible expansion of the
cartel to the web environment.

For more information on the project, visit ctrl-v.net

The screening will be followed by a conversation on the effects of the
Hollywood dominance on the Brazilian context, as well as on initiatives
that have helped to address this situation in Brazil with:

LEONARDO BRANT, cultural researcher and filmmaker, president of Brant
Associados, and editor of Brazil’s most important web platform on the
cultural market. Associate director of Deusdará Films, he directed the
films _Ctrl-V_, _Luz na Crise_ and _Tudo o que há no Mundo_. He is the
author of _O Poder da Cultura_, _Mercado Cultural_, _Diversidade
Cultural_ and _Políticas Culturais_.

FABIO CESNIK, Brazilian lawyer and managing partner of Cesnik, Quintino
& Salinas, which provides legal counseling to leading Brazilian and
international clients in the fields of entertainment, culture and third
sector. He is co-author of _Projetos Culturais: elaboração, aspectos
legais, administração, busca de patrocínio_, author of
_Globalização da Cultura_, and co-author of _Fiscal Incentives for
Audiovisual Production and Co-Production in Iberoamerica, Canada and the

EDWARD JAY EPSTEIN, U.S. American investigative journalist who reports
on the business aspects of Hollywood entertainment. He published the
book _Inquest_, an influential criticism of the Warren Commission probe
into the John F. Kennedy assassination, and two other books about the
Kennedy assassination, eventually collected in _The Assassination
Chronicles: Inquest, __Counterplot, and Legend_. His books _Legend_ and
_Deception_ drew on interviews with retired CIA Counterintelligence
Chief James Jesus Angleton.

MARCOS STEUERNAGEL (moderator), PhD Candidate in Performance Studies at
NYU and special collections fellow at the Hemispheric Institute. His
work focuses on issues of epistemological diversity and aesthetics and
politics in contemporary Brazil.

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