We have the pleasure to exhibit Super Here by David Rosado.

Press Release


Super Here

The overload of a chain of information between people and spaces, physical spaces that people fill in society, such as the brands that people leave in those areas, inspired me by making much greater communication gap, pushing the development of disability to a confrontation


David Rosado, b. 1976, works and lives in Lisbon, Portugal. His work takes over and merges the time and space of images with the current capitalist culture to criticize the extreme consumerism and the forgetfulness of generations. David works with painting, drawing, installation and sculpture. Rosado has exhibited his work in Brazil, Denmark, Holland, Peru, Portugal, Switzerland among other countries.


Solo exhibitions (a selection): 2016 — The weird and the regular, Galeria Arte Periférica, Lisbon, Portugal; 2015 — Heidelbergensis, Galeria Presença, Oporto, Portugal; 2014 — Zoom All Windows, Flores do Cabo, Colares, Sintra, Portugal; 2013 — Blue velvet smile, Nextart, Lisbon, Portugal; 2012 — Urso de má pêlo, Galeria Arte Periférica, Lisbon, Portugal; 2011 — Aaamazing, Artelection, Lisbon, Portugal; 2011 — Aliasing, Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal; 2010 — Inside the belly of the beast, Drop d Contemporary, Lisbon, Portugal; 2009 — The Rebirth of Lazarus, Galeria Pedro Serrenho, Lisbon, Portugal; 2008 — High Speed, Galeria Carlos Carvalho, Lisbon, Portugal; 2007 — De Profundis, Galeria Sopro, Lisbon, Portugal; 2006 — Opus Modularis, Lisbon University, Portugal; 2004 — Monsaraz Open Museum, Monsaraz, Portugal;


Group exhibitions (a selection): 2016 — POSTER, Lisbon, Portugal; 2015 — Koelner Liste-Contemporary Art Fair, Artspace, Cologne, Germany; 2014 — Art Copenhagen, Denmark; 2013 — Parergon, Paços Galeria Municipal, Torres Vedras, Portugal; 2012 — Afinidades, Caza Contemporary Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; 2011 — Always on, New York, USA; 2010 — Artzine, Castelo Branco, Portugal; 2010 — Morar mais, Galeria Belizário, Belo Horizonte, Brazil; 2009 — Red, Galeria Pedro Torres, Logroño, Spain; Roland the butcher boy, Galeria Voghera 11, Milan, Italy; 2008 — Red, Galeria Pedro Torres, Logroño, Spain; 2007 — Arte Lisboa 07 at FAC, Galeria Sopro, Lisbon, Portugal; 2003 —Museu do Esquecimento, Fine Arts Nacional Society, Lisbon, Portugal;


Awards: 2008 — Honorable Mention, 9th Fine Arts Biennale of Montijo, Vespeira Art Prize, Montijo, Portugal; 2007 — 3rd Prize Ariane Rothschild, Lisbon, Portugal; Honorable Mention, Vila Sol Art Prize 2007, Vilamoura, Portugal.


David Rosado is an artist represented by EMERGE Contemporary Art Agency. See his full curriculum at http://bit.ly/drosado