INES TELES – Descontorno

INES TELES – Descontorno

We have the pleasure to exhibit Descontorno by Ines Teles.

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My eyes are nearly closed, it is sleeping time. The image is fading away and I cannot identify any thought in my mind. All the sounds overlap in a way they become inaudible and I am about to fall asleep. For no reason, my attention goes to the patches of color that appear between my eyelashes. These shapes can diminish or expand according to the aperture of my eyes and they are constantly moving around the ceiling. I spend some time observing this experience and it becomes a challenge to focus on the shape of the patches, making them last longer between the walls of my bedroom and my eyelashes. Gradually the heaviness of my eyelids goes away, the sleep escapes me.


Inês Teles


Londres, 2013


Inês Teles (b. 1986, Évora)

Portuguese artist based in Lisbon who studied at the Lisbon University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. In 2010 Inês Teles continued her education in London, firstly at Byam Shaw School of Arts at CSM, where she did a PG Diploma Fine Art, followed by a MA degree in Painting at Slade School of Fine Art, at UCL. Inês Teles exhibits art work regularly in Portugal, London and Paris and she is also a member of the artistic collective Tempos de Vista. Extremely interested in collaborations, she often works with non-artistic institutions to create unexpected artistic platforms, such as artistic residencies and collective shows. Exhibitions (selection): (2015) Descontorno, at Casa de Burgos, curated by João Pinharanda, Évora; (2014) For(Matter), with the support of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, at Atelier Concorde, in Lisbon; ART STABS POWER – Que se vayan todos!, curated by Inês Valle, at Bermondsey Project, London; Estado de Sítio, at Plataforma Revólver, in Lisbon; (2013) 17º Cerveira Biennale, at  Vila Nova de Cerveira; MA/MFA Degree Show, at Slade School of Fine Arts, UCL, in London; (2010) L’Autre . Personne, at Maison du Portugal, CIUP, in Paris. During 2013 Inês carry on her research through a Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’ Scholarship and in 2012 she also won a Prize in the category of Fine Arts, Young Creators, in Portugal, as well as The UCL Hardship Fund, UCL, in London.