XANA SOUSA AND MARIA SASSETTI – Cartographic Memory at Edge Arts

XANA SOUSA AND MARIA SASSETTI – Cartographic Memory at Edge Arts

We have the pleasure to exhibit Cartographic Memory at Edge Arts by Xana Sousa and Maria Sassetti.

Press Release

“Cartographic Memory”, by Maria Sassetti and Xana Sousa, is a new exhibit that is going to be on display between April 2nd and March 17th, at Edge Arts Gallery, in Espaço AmoreirasLisbon. This team of artists provide us with a trip through the archives of their childhood memories, through scientific illustration plates and images of urban cartography, that appear subtly at the light of a negatoscope, in this show that will have its private opening day on April 2nd.


The opening will be preceded by a conference at 7 PM, with the theme “Art and Science: “Cartographic Memories” which will allow a dialogue between the artists, specialized scientific authors from different areas and the public.


Maria Sassetti and Xana Sousa met while studying Painting at the School of Fine Arts in Lisbon. Although Maria Sassetti continued her academic training at London’s Chelsea College of Art and Design, and Xana Sousa concluded her Master’s Program at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts, their passion for revisiting the past brought them together, in 2008, in the art collective “Tempos de Vista”, sponsored by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Xana Sousa merges her innovative techniques, as is the case with her blueprints and her works using bee’s wax, with Maria Sassetti’s drawings, which reflect with great exactitude every detail of the birds that were inspired by her grandfather’s books, in an exhibit that will make everyone revisit their own memories.


Maria Sassetti
[+351] 915 604 192

Born in Lisbon in 1986, lives and works in Lisbon.


Education: 2010 – Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. 2008 – BA in Fine Arts – Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon.


Solo Shows: 2012 – Succulent Hortis, Printmakers Association Água Forte, Lisbon. 2011 – Moía as Marés, Corroios Municipal Gallery, Corroios; Sabiá Fugiu da Gaiola, Espaço Arte São Mamede, Lisbon.


Group Shows (selection): 2012 – Three Cases and a Carry On, Chelsea Collective, Catherine Dianich Gallery, Brattleboro Vermont, USA; Tempos de Vista, Zona Desactivada, Transports Museum – Carris, Lisbon; Lugar [in]Comum, Coop Residencies, Lisboa; Spectrum, House-Museum Medeiros e Almeida, Lisbon. 2011 – Tempos de Vista, O espaço em Paralaxe, Astronomic Observatory, Lisbon; O Chiado, a Baixa e a Esfera Pública, Chiado na Moda 2011, Lisbon; Provas, Contraprovas e Outros Testemunhos, Faculty of Fine Arts Gallery, Lisbon; D’Aprés Nuno Gonçalves, National Antique Art Museum, Lisbon. 2010 – Provas de Oito, Mundet, Seixal; Final Show 2010, Chelsea College of Art and Design, London; La Casa Grabada, Carmén de la Vitória, Granada, Spain. 2009 – Tempos de Vista, seis perspectivas artísticas em torno do Lugar, Water Museum, Lisbon; Casa Gravada, House-Museum Anastácio Gonçalves, Lisboa.


Professional Experience: 2012 – Teacher, Drawing Foundation, Odd School, Lisbon. 2011 – Curatorial Intern, Wave Hill – Public Garden and Cultural Centre, New York; Curatorial and Art Production Assistent, Carpe Diem Art and Research, Pombal Palace, Lisbon; Education Assistent, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.


Awards/Grants: 2012 – 1st Place, Documentary Inov Art, Uma Retrospectiva a Quente; 2011 – Inov-Art International Internship Program, Portuguese Ministry of Culture, DGArtes, 3rd Edition; Award for Art Production and development of the exhibition Tempos de Vista, O espaço em Paralaxe, by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Residencies: 2012 – Transports Museum, Museu da Carris, Lisbon; CAAA – Art and Architecture Research Centre, Guimarães. 2011 – Astronomic Observatory, Lisbon.


Xana Sousa
[+351] 934 219 008


Born in Lisbon in 1986, lives and works in Lisbon.


Education: Artistic Creation: Realisms and Surroundings Master Degree, Faculty of Fine Arts, Barcelona, 2010; Painting Degree, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, 2008.

Scholarchips: Leonardo Da Vinci Program, Carme Espinet Gallery, Barcelona, 2009/10.

Support Program of Artistic Valuation and Divulgation, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, for artistic production of Tempos de Vista – O espaço em Paralaxe exhibition, 2011.


Professional Experience: Teacher, Drawing Anatomy, Odd School, Lisbon, 2013; Museum Guide, Electricity Museum, Edp Foundation, 2013.


Exhibitions: Tempos de Vista – Zona Desactivada, Transports Museum – Carris, Lisbon; Spectrum – Novos Funcionamentos Artísticos da Imagem, Medeiros e Almeida House-Museum, Lisbon, 2012; Tempos de Vista – O espaço em Paralaxe, Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon, 2011; Procediments Pictórics, Les Bernardes, Salt – Girona, 2010; Posicionamets’10, Carme Espinet Gallery, Barcelona, 2010; Minúsculs, Carme Espinet Gallery, Barcelona, 2009; Tempos de Vista – Seis perspectivas em torno do lugar, Mãe d’Água Reservoir, EPAL, Lisbon, 2009; Finalistas Pintura FBAUL 2008, Galveias Palace, Lisbon, 2009; Work in Progress: Espaço/Memória, Espaços do Desenho Gallery, Lisbon, 2009.


Performance: Xocolata d’Artista, Carme Espinet Gallery, Barcelona, 2009; Pintura dependendo do Tempo e do Espaço, with Inês Teles, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, 2005.

Workshops: Curator of Contemporary Art and Shadow Curating: Collectivity, by Dr. Nuno Sacramento, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon, 2008/09; Fundamentals of Hot Glass Forming, by Michael E. Taylor, from the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA, and New Techiques for Glass Works and Glass Blowing, by Joost Cane, Nova University, Lisbon, 2007.


Publications: Materials i Tècniques de Pintura Book, page 142, by Rosa Codina Esteve, UB, Barcelona, 2010; Projectos de Artista nas linhas da imaginação, Via Latina Ad Libitum nº5 Magazine, Lisbon, 2008.

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