We have the pleasure to exhibit DARKSTAR PROJECT by Martin Bricelj Baraga & André Gonçalves.

Press Release

DARKSTAR, currently in its third form, is the new installation for public space created by artists Martin Bricelj Baraga & André Gonçalves.


DARKSTAR is a semi-utopian monument for the urban dweller. An ode to black matter, to the void, to the space in between, to speed, to time and its passing.


DARKSTAR has chosen the site of Edge Group’s Building and its common areas to develop a physical relationship between itself and its host space.


While absorbing the electromagnetic waves, light spectrums and physical activity from the space, it processes all information gathered and, like a mirror, reflects it upon its surface.


Accompanying the Darkstar public installation at the Edge Group Building – Espaço Amoreiras – artists will premiere a series of new pieces that extend the Darkstar conceptual realm into a series of abstractions or sculptural objects which will be exhibited at the Edge Arts Gallery.


These can be seen as Darkstar’s orbiting planets, aesthetic refractions of Darkstar’s own prism. These pieces create a path through integral parts of the DarkStar project, which fuse into an aesthetic core, bonding science with magic, speculation with facts and art with science.


Martin Bricelj Baraga |Murska Sobota (Slovenia), 1977
Martin Bricelj Baraga (SI) is a media artist, a freelance curator, the director of MoTA – the Museum of Transitory Art, the artistic director of  the SONICA Festival in Ljubljana and the initiator of T.R.I.B.E. – a network of residency spaces in the Balkans and Eastern Europe. His interactive works and audiovisual performances research the relationship between man and machine, social aspects of contemporary pop culture, future monumentalism and the political dimensions of our mediated realities. Martin Bricelj Baraga is the author of interactive works based on the creation of new situations in public space – a term he understands very broadly – comprising anything from actual city spaces to virtual worlds. In his works he positions time as a key element, as his works are often time-based and processual. He aims to engage a broad audience in the creation of the work. He has exhibited in many galleries and spaces worldwide: FACT Liverpool, ICA in London, Sonar in Barcelona, Columbia University in New York, Centro Cultural Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Kunsthaus Graz, Kaapelithas in Helsinki and many others. His work has been reviewed and published by, Pecha Kucha, the New York Art magazine, Harper Collins, El Pais, Actar, Mladina and others. His project Everlandia was one of most visited exhibitions at the ICA London. It has been selected for Top five events nationwide in the UK Times. Other media highlights include a special feature in TimeOut and an interview on BBC Radio1. His Memoryplay project recieved a Europrix Award in 2006. His presentation of the Pornogobelin project has been selected out of thousands of presentations worldwide as one of the 30 best PechaKucha presentations and has been published in a book. His recent project RoboVox – a large interactive public sound installation has received a Europrix Multimedia Award in 2008.
André Gonçalves |Alenquer (Portugal), 1979
Works in the fields of visual arts, music, video, installation and performance. Since 2002, he has been refining his ‘do it yourself’  approach to electronics and robotics, experimenting with digital and analog technologies, new and obsolete hardware and various techniques to create intermedia pieces. Recent projects have included installations such as ‘Exercises in Style’, Guimarães Capital of Culture (2012), ‘(Un)Foreseen Events’, Thessaloniki Biennale (2011), ‘Driven By or The Careless Self-Indulgence of Dystopia’, Laboral, Gijón (2010). These and other works have been presented in several galleries and festivals such as the Nam June Paik Art Center, Seoul; the Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York; the FILE Festival, Sao Paulo; the Offload Festival, Bristol; the Steim, Amsterdam; the ICA, London; the Pixelache Festival, Helsinki; Todays Art Festival, Den Haag; the Ura! Gallery, Istanbul; La Casa Encendida, Madrid; L’Antic Teatre, Barcelona; La Laboral, Gijón; el Museu Vostell Malpartida, Cáceres; the Serralves Foundation, Oporto; the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon.
During these years he has been awarded the Ernesto de Sousa Fellowship, he has won an Honorary Mention the Digital Languages Category in the FILE Prix Lux 2010, São Paulo and was one of the Finalists in the Performance category of the Celeste Prize 2010.
His discography includes releases on the labels Winds Measure (US), Transacoustic Research (AT), Cherry Music (JP),  Effervescence(FR), Grain of Sound, Crónica Electrónica  and Sirr (PT). His musical work, solo or in collective projects, includes more than 15 editions with several recording labels under the names: Ok.suitcase, In Her Space, Stapletape, Iodo, ltthwhasp, Sound Asleep, Safe and Sound, Variable Geometry Orchestra. Recently he has been working on his solo project Feltro and in the collectives O Carro de Fogo de Sei Miguel and Gigantiq. He is also a researcher at CITAR and a PhD candidate in Art Science and Technology at UCP.

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