Toca | Performance in Cape Verde

Toca | Performance in Cape Verde

The Arte Institute is pleased to present the performance “Toca” with actress Catia Terrinca in Mindelo, Cape Verde.

March 5, 7 pm & 9 pm
Rua do quartel, Mindelo, Cape Verde

“TOCA” is a hiding place in which the spectator is invited to pregnancy in a dramatist exploration that undresses the woman-actress from the self, descending until her interior, to the core of her body´s gravity in thought (pregnancy has its Latin origin in graves, meaning weight and gravity).

A performance-installation that searches for a new equilibrium point, by experimenting to expose the inside of the body and the voice, exploring the intimacy that God´s will wanted to be evident – or the mothers´ bellies wouldn’t grow outside, to everyone´s eyes but to the inside.

A performance, yes, of gravity and grace like a funambulist in balance between the weight of the body and the lightness of dreams.

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Banco Interatlântico
Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua