“Limbo” by Sara Carinhas

“Limbo” by Sara Carinhas

The Arte Institute is pleased to present the play “Limbo” by Sara Carinhas in London at the Vault Festival.

Cavern – The Vaults, Leak Street, London
25-26 February, 6.20 pm
Tickets from 13 Pounds

L I M B O is a show made of music, dance and auto-biographical stories. A group of young actors, from different nationalities, try to share little fragments, moments, that changed something within them forever. The line drawn between fiction and reality is blurry, real depositions and tales are mixed up.
The fact that L I M B O is a site specific show adds a different sense of occupation, both for the actors and the audience.
It may be a show about friendship, or about getting old fast (the endless fight of Humanity against Nature), or even about the fear of disappearing, of giving up – to sleep… and to fear never waking up again.

For more information visit vaultfestival.com

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Causas Comuns

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Republica Potuguesa – Cultura
Teatro São Luiz
Pestana Group Hotel