Summer Nights Series – Arts

Summer Nights Series – Arts

Summer Nights Series – Arts and Music

Union Square Park, August 8, 8 pm

For this week’s Summer Nights Series session, Arte Institute invited Instituto de Cultura Contemporeana-ICC from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to showcase a program that includes videos by artist Eder Santos and director Cao Guimaraes, as well as a show by jazz musician Arto Lindsay.


Cao Guimarães:

– Da janela do meu quarto/ From the window of my room (5´)
– Concerto para Clorofila / Concert for Chlorophyll (7´25´´)
– Limbo / Limbo (17´)

Eder Santos:

– Janaúba/ Janaúba (17´)
– Cinema/ Cinema (13´)

Concert by Arto Lindsey

Curated by Daniel Rangel

See you at Union Square Park, August 8 at 8 pm!