“Self Portrait” by Julií£o Sarmento

“Self Portrait” by Julií£o Sarmento

Empty Cube – “Self Portrait” by Julião Sarmento.

Arte Institute interviewed Julião Sarmento at Empty Cube. Watch the interview!

Created in 2007, EMPTY CUBE is an independent non-commercial project. It has as its objective the presentation of visual arts projects that respond to a specifically closed, empty and reduced space over the course of an evening.

The spatio-temporal dimension of this project is crucial in that it not only conditions the artist’s production, but the articulation between the work of art, its presence in space and its relationship to the viewer, who sees the work during the course of a one-time only, evening presentation of four to five hours. EMPTY CUBE may eventually be held in other sites or locations deemed of interest to its continuity.

Following our nomadic profession, as of March 2009, Empty Cube will be located within Appleton Square contemporary art gallery (www.appletonsquare.pt) – Rua Acácio Paiva, 27 R/c, 1700-004, Lisbon, Portugal.