Rite of Trio

Rite of Trio

The Arte Institute, in partnership with Jazz Aqui, presents the “Rite of Trio” in concert at Joe´s Pub on September 16.

New York | Joe’s Pub
The Public Theater – 425 Lafayette Street
September 16 – 7.00 pm

Ticket Price: $15 / $20 at the door

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“There are times when jazz leads us far away from the fireplace romanticism: times when an artist and his listener don’t even belong to the same quantum universe; times when life remotely makes sense, in its own distorted way.
Those are moments like the rite: here everything comes together in a highly heterogeneous and frictioned manner and verisimilitude towards the harsh reality is both baffling and hard to capture. Indeed, the rite is a crossing between wanting to grab the chair to listen and the appeal of escapism. However, it’s up to every single one to judge. GETTING ALL THE EVIL OF THE PISTON COLLAR! is a promise – the place is unusual, uncertain and uncomfortable. But life is not a boutique hotel either.” (Daniel Orge)