Rita Redshoes Concert in Cape Verde

Rita Redshoes Concert in Cape Verde

The Arte Institute is pleased to present a concert by Rita Redshoes in Cape Verde on June 20, with Bruno Santos as a guest artist.

Auditório Nacional Jorge Barbosa
Várzea – Praia
June 20, 2019 – 9 PM

Tickets available on PassaFree platform.

About the artist |
The world discovered Rita Redshoes with “Dream On Girl”, her first solo statement in the “New Talents – FNAC 2007” compilation but her journey began a few years before, still as “Rita Pereira”, when integrating the group Atomic Bees with which she recorded in 2000 the album “love.noises.and.kisses”. In 2003 she entered to David Fonseca’s band with whom recorded “Hold Still”, a duet included in the album “Our Hearts Will Beat As One”.

She recorded till now four solo albums – “Golden Age” (2008), “Light & Darks” (2010), “Life Is A Second Of Love” and ”Her”. Songs like “The Beginning Song”, “Choose Love”, “I Should Go”, “Captain Of My Soul “, “Broken Bond” and “White Lies” are just some examples of Rita Redshoes creativity and sensitivity.

Support |
| Ministério da Cultura e das Indústrias Criativas
| Palacio da Cultura Ildo Lobo
| Banco Interatlântico
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