Branko | USA Tour

Branko | USA Tour

The Arte Institute is pleased to support Branko on his “Nosso” Album Tour in the United States.

“Nosso” Album Tour in USA 

Elsewhere – Zone One – Brooklyn
June 19, 2019

New Parish, Oakland
June 21, 2019

Civic Center Studios, Los Angels
June 22, 2019

Produce Row, Portland
June 23, 2019

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About the artist:

You may have encountered Branko before without knowing it – either through the music he made with the widely adored collective Buraka Som Sistema, through his label Enchufada or through his work creating, producing and presenting the travel show ‘Club Atlas for Portuguese national television, his production work for MIA, or from hearing the monthly NTS radio show ‘Enchufada Na Zona’ – Branko is deeply involved in many facets of the creation and the ongoing establishment of new Portuguese-speaking music scenes. This had led to him being viewed as a kind of cultural agitator, active on many fronts besides being a recording and touring artist.

For his solo work, Branko has mainly released through his own label Enchufada, starting with a mixtape in 2013. On the 2015 debut album ‘Atlas’ he presented a Lisbon-focused global music perspective while connecting artists from all over the world, from Zebra Katz to Princess Nokia, Nonku Phiri to Mayra Andrade.

Recently Branko has again found a whole community of artists to enrich his innovative and warm sound with lyrics in Portuguese, English, Spanish and French on the sophomore album ‘Nosso’ (“Ours” in Portuguese). It features collaborations with artists including Mallu Magalhães, Sango & Dino D’Santiago, recorded around the world and finalized in Lisbon, where the producer has made a conscious effort to create a truly universal record.