RHI Stage – The House I Inhabit

RHI Stage – The House I Inhabit

23 June 2020, 9:00pm

Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present “The House I Inhabit” at RHI Stage. 

The performance revolves around the occupation of spaces and creates a dialogue between the external and internal parts of various subjects, such as a house, a street, ourselves and, ultimately, the world. What is our essence? And how do we recover something essential in us? What do we keep for ourselves and and choose not to talk about? What do we choose to show to the world about ourselves? “The house I inhabit” is about “what lies behind the thought”, as the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector wrote in “Água Viva”. Where is our home and how do we inhabit it? (Footnote with reference to Água Viva).

Find out more about the artists, Mariana Ribas Coimbra and Elisabete Barradas.

Download the RHI Think application, available at playstore and applestore, to watch the show and to value the artists’ work by paying what you can as a ticket for these free shows. The shows are free but the work of the artists shouldn’t be. Value it!

The show will also be transmited here on our platform, and on Arte Institute and RHI Think facebook pages.

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