RHI Stage – Rui T & The Road Band

RHI Stage – Rui T & The Road Band

23 June 2020, 10:00pm

RUI T & THE ROAD BAND members are Rui Terroso vocals and acoustic guitar, Ruben Carneiro backing vocals and rhythm guitar, André Rodrigues solo guitar, Andyman Rodriguez bass and João Melo drums.
Coming from different musical backgrounds, they unified all their experience within one goal: Come back on the road of pure rock , distinct, without any labels, where the audience is invited to join all the intense energy of the band’s performance in a solid rock act.

In December 2017 the band released the single “Born Again” and in April 2018 the first major single “Angel in the sky” reaching top places in N1M Rock Charts and Reverbnation (USA) being awarded with excellent reviews from the audience as well as from magazines, musicians, producers, among others around the world. After realizing the 3rd single “Corre”, entirely in Portuguese, the band announces their debut album “Born Again”.

The first single out of this work is called “Stay Away | Stay With Me”, released on the 22nd of February 2019 features a very special guest – John Andrews (USA) well known for is work as composer, guitarist and vocalist of LoudBoy and as guitarist for Peter Murphy, Bauhaus (40 years feat. David J), Nena, the B-52’s, Enrique Iglesias, Gavin DeGraw, Angela McCluskey, Frankenorange, Botanica, Pisser, The Compulsions, Morley, Sarah Fimm, Miami Relatives, Band Of Thieves, and many more.

Besides John Andrews, “Born Again” also features the German violinist Katrin Wettin in “Angel in the Sky” a song that also is orchestrated by Jörg Kadner, and Trevor Sewell in “Longe”. 

Trevor is an awarded composer, guitarist and vocalist 9 times winner of Major Us Awards, including Hollywood Music in Media 2013, 4 times nomine for a British Blues Award, and many more. Worked with major London music labels and studios, including Abbey Road and many artists and producers such as Peter Collins (Rush, Gary Moore) and Stuart Epps (Led Zeppelin, Elton John and Bill Wyman).

Trevor also works with music and sound design for companies like Sony, Digital Computers, N.Tecomecom, E.M.I, Safari, Neat and New Millennium.

“We are not loyal to any musical genre or aesthetics. We are not trying to change the world. Our music is only a part of what we have to offer to the ones o follow us and identify themselves with what we create. The rest are shadows as tomorrow may never come”.

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