Arte Institute partners with Screen Loud Film Festival

Arte Institute partners with Screen Loud Film Festival

The Short Film “Hepicat” by Nuno Portugal will be screening at the Screen Loud Film Festival, March 15 at Anthology Film Archives.

This movie talks about the incommunicability of two worlds.

Arte Institute partners with this Festival!

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This year we are pleased to present the third edition of our festival:
Foreign Communiqué. Bigger and better than ever, we will be screening
two programs of inspiring global cinema that explores the experience
of cultural encounters around the world.


Starting in 2009, the Screen Loud Film Festival has been committed to
programming a broad range of short fiction and documentaries that
explore the theme of being a ‘foreigner’ searching for a way to
express oneself in a new world. Traversing the barriers of
cross-cultural communication, the foreigner is one who explores ways
beyond words to express him- or herself and SCREEN LOUD. Emphasizing
the universality of the image over the singularity of each culture and
language, we are screening a selection of shorts that use film as a
‘visual Esperanto’ that defies linguistic, cultural, and geographical
barriers and speaks to all through the language of cinematography.