Black & White Festival – Best Of!

Black & White Festival – Best Of!

March 29, 2012, 9 PM
Anthology Film Archives
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Arte Institute presents Black & White Festival – Best Of. This is the US Premiere of the only international black and white short film festival in the world!

This Festival presents five selected movies from the nine previous editions of Black & White Audiovisual Festival, organized in Portugal by Escola das Artes of Universidade Católica do Porto since 2004

Please find the Black & White Festival – Best Of program & synopsis below:

“Píton” – 2011 edition
“In boxing, the duality between the violence of a confrontation and moving human body in perfect harmony with the mind makes a fight look like a choreographed dance. In this Black and White documentary about the boxer Juliana Rocha, known as Python, it is intended to demonstrate the prospect of a violent sport practiced by a women boxer. Through interviews with the coach and the father we tell her story and motivations. Following one of the matches, we document the magnitude of a sport practiced by woman, in its fullness.
Directing: André Guiomar | Doc. | 18 min | Portugal

“Enlightment” – 2011 edition 
A writer stuck in his own creativity…
That man, to escape from prison and breathe fresh air, finding the thoughts that he needs…
Directing: Mariana Castro | Fic. | 9 min. | Portugal

” Negative” – 2011 edition
Irit, a woman in her mid-sixties, is taking photographs in the park. When a young guy suspects that she took a picture of him he sits next to her and they start to talk. A  short conversation and a dark room will lead to an intimate situation that Irit never expected. Things get more complicated when her beautiful young granddaughter shows up.
Directing: Yoav Hornung | Fic. | 16 min. | Israel

“The Collection” – 2009 edition

“António Silva is a stamp collector who is almost finishing his life collection. For that he only needs to put the last stamp. What António doesn’t expect is that a simple action will ruin the long years of dedication and work.
Directing: Ana Luísa Santos, Maria João Neves, Sofia Miranda | Anim. | 4 min.| Portugal

“Preto & Branco”

“Preto & Branco” is a documentary about itself, a vision and na homage to the richness and reality facets of the black and white image. It is presented though the eyes of a narrator who leads us on a journey into an imaginary coloured world, setting off from a very peculiar perspective.
Directing: João Rodrigues | Doc. | 12 min. | Portugal