‘Algarve é União’ by Stone Breaker l RHI Stage

‘Algarve é União’ by Stone Breaker l RHI Stage

The Arte Institute and the RHI Initiative present the show ‘Algarve é União’ by Stone Breaker, as part of the RHI Stage 2021 program.

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September 30, 2021 – 9.00 PM

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About the show:
Stone Breaker presents their live show in support of the “Hopes & Dreams” album.

After the release of their album “Hopes & Dreams” in April 2020 and the entire tour canceled due to the pandemic, Stone Breaker presents the live show for the 2021/22 “Hopes & Dreams” tour.

The 11-track album was recorded and produced at Moby Dick records studios (Braga) – under the baton of Budda Guedes, the same producer responsible for the works bands like Mundo Cão, Maria João Budda Power Blues, Monstro Mau, Vitor Bacalhau among others.

Stone Breaker are a rock band from Portimão formed by Ray van D, Vasco Moura, Bruno Vitor Martins and Ricardo Batista. With a sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin’s Rock of the 70s, Soundgarden & Black Crowes of the 90s and the Queens of the Stone Age or Rival Sons of current times, they are a band essentially united by their musicality and a strong friendship that makes them a family.

The music they write is a reflection of this – a true portrait of their travels, experiences together, the road, the laughter, the tears, the drunken nights, Fatherhood, Love, places and how they see the World.

“A traveling gipsy with a guitar in my hand Brotherhood and family The core of this poor band” in “Back on the road”

They’ve always heard the phrase “Rock is dead”, but what others say doesn’t matter, it’s always worth pursuing your dreams and fighting for them. “Hopes & Dreams” is available on all digital platforms and on sale in limited edition CD and Vinyl.

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