Verí£o Azul Festival

Verí£o Azul Festival

Arte Institute supports VII edition of “Verão Azul Festival” in Algarve, Portugal.

Loulé – Faro – Lagos
September 17 – November 6

About the Festival

The Verão Azul Festival is a transdisciplinary festival dedicated to the promotion and diffusion of the national and international artistic contemporary creation in the Algarve region, organized by the cultural association casaBranca and with the artistic direction of Ana Borralho & João Galante.

Continuing the work implemented in the 2015 edition the strengthening of the intermunicipal relationships’ network, through the established partnerships with the Loulé Local Council and the Teatro das Figuras, has allowed for the extension of the Festival’s territory and to conceive a programming strategy more extended in time that reinforces the ability to disseminate a larger number of Portuguese and foreign creators’ projects.

Therefore, the Festival will take place in several spaces in the cities of Loulé, Faro and Lagos between September 17 and November 6. Its program encompasses projects by Vera Mantero, Cláudia Dias, Ana Borralho & João Galante, Helena Inverno and Verónica Castro, Nathalie Mansoux, Live Low, Black Bombaim, Rodrigo Amado and Colin Stetson, in the Performing Arts areas, Music and Cinema/Video, in parallel to a Collective Photography Exhibition with pieces by André Príncipe, André Uerba, Andrej Djerkovic, Patrícia Almeida and Vasco Célio.

Like in the previous editions, the Festival also holds a space for the younger audiences, with the presentation of a show and a workshop by the choreographer Sílvia Real / Grupo 23, a concert by the pianist and composer Joana Sá, and cinema for children.


September 17 to October 7

Sep. 17
6 PM | Casa do Castelo
Collective Photography Exhibition | Starting from Zero Inauguration (until October  22)

10 PM | Páteo Museu Municipa
Cinema – Marco Martins and André Príncipe | Traces of a diary

Sep. 24

9.30 PM | Cine-Teatro Louletano
Performance – Ana Borralho & João Galante | Atlas Loulé

Sep. 25

3.30 PM | Cine-Teatro Louletano
Cinema – HELENA INVERNO and VERÓNICA CASTRO | Elephant in the Room

Oct. 7

10.30 AM | Cine-Teatro Louletano
Thetre-Dance – SÍLVIA REAL GRUPO 23 | What if everything was yellow?

2.30 PM | Cine-Teatro Louletano
Workshop – Sofia Sequeira and Rute Prates GRUPO 23 | Vocal and Instrumental Improvisation

October 27 to October 29

Oct. 27
9.30 PM | Teatro das Figuras
Performance – Ana Borralho & João Galante | World Of Interiors

Oct. 28

9.30 PM | Teatro das Figuras
Concert – Collin Stetson

Oct. 29

9.30 PM | Teatro das Figuras
Dance – Cláudia Dias | Monday – Watch Out for the Right


October 27 to November 6

Oct. 27
6 PM | CCL
Collective Photography Exhibition | Starting from Zero Inauguration (until December  30)

Nov. 2
10.30 AM | CCL
Animation – PAUL GRIMAULT | The King and the Mockingbird

Nov. 3

10.30 AM | CCL
Musical Performance – Joana Sá | Inside the head nothing is too clear

9.30 PM | Galeria LAR
Cinema – Helena Inverno and Verónica Castro | Elephant in the Room

Nov. 4

6 PM | Galeria LAR
Cinema – Marco Martins and André Príncipe | Traces of a diary

9.30 PM | CCL
Performance – Vera Mantero | The Cladeirão Highlanders – Exercises in fictional anthropology

Nov. 5
6 PM | Galeria LAR
Cinema – NATHALIE MANSOUX  | Deportado

9.30 PM | CCL
Concert – Live Low

9.30 PM | CCL
Concert – Black Bombaim & Rodrigo Amado

11.30 PM | LAC
Clubbing Les Rockoeurs

Nov. 6

5.30 PM | Galeria LAR
Cinema Bill Domonkos | Short-Films

6.30 PM | Galeria LAR
Concert – Rodrigo Amado



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