The Lake

The Lake

The Arte Institute suggests the “The Lake” a  Maria Condado’s exhibition, at the Edge-Arts Gallery in Lisbon from April 26 to May 31.

The Lake by Maria Condado
Espaço Amoreiras – Centro Empresarial
Rua D. João V nº 24, 1.01, Lisbon | Portugal
26 April to 31 May
Opening: 26 April, 18h30

Text by: Lourenço Egreja



The Lake is the next individual exhibition of Maria Condado, composed by a single painting. Located in Espaço Amoreiras’ atrium, The Lake is a painting which can be seen from far away, closely and near its margins. Maria Condado’s proposal is an invitation to plunge into the illusory space and go through the gesture crystallized by the painting. Maria Condado’s work is focused in landscapes, which shows a dichotomy between nature and industrial or architectonic elements, sometimes punctuated with human presences.


In the last years, the idea of the garden as a human construction has been revisited in the work of the artist. The artificial side of the garden, located in the city space, contemplates a taste for the exotic, the idea of paradise or the daily routine’ s suspension and the human need of ordering, through the spatial delimitation of the species, margins and paths.


The painting The Lake reveals a ground of the artist’s choices, which enlarges elements of compositions, by selecting different distances of reading of plant species, flowers and trees, and offering a dynamic pathway around this imagined lake.


The exhibition includes a critic written by the curator Lourenço Egreja.



Maria Condado has a BA degree in
Painting, by the Fine Arts Faculty of Lisbon’s University, in 2004, and completed a Post-graduation in Gardens and Landscape , in The Nova A School of Social Sciences and Humanities, in Lisbon, in 2015. From Maria Condado’s individual exhibitions, specific mention can be made of Do azul faz-se o verde (2017) at Caroline Pagès Gallery, Lisbon; Trabalho de Campo (2013), at Next Room, Lisbon; Jardim Botânico (2009) and Promised Land (2007) at Caroline Pagès Gallery, Lisbon. In terms of collective exhibitions, stands out Onde é a China?(2014), at Museu do Oriente, Lisbon; 16º Programa de Exposições (2014), at Carpe Diem Arte e Pesquisa, Lisbon; Pavilhão de Portugal (2009), at Hangar-7, Salzburg, Austria and Vestígio (2008), at Júlio de Matos Hospital, Lisbon. In 2017, her artist book Hortus was published by Stolen Books.


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