”Tales From the Rabbit Hole – A Curious Kitsch Novel” movie screening

”Tales From the Rabbit Hole – A Curious Kitsch Novel” movie screening

The Arte Institute suggests the world premiere of the indie feature film ‘‘Tales From the Rabbit Hole – A Curious Kitsch Novel”, directed by Portuguese-born Tiago Durão and produced by Sofia Mirpuri.

The SAG-AFTRA Foundation– Robin Williams Center

247 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019
April 17, 2019 at 7 PM

”Tales from the Rabbit Hole: A Curious Kitsch Novel” is a kaleidoscope of several intertwined stories about people struggling to resist their vulnerabilities, in search of love, dignity, forgiveness, redemption, and the great beauty of life in chaotic New York City… Strongly influenced by Woody Allen’s sarcasm and Edward Albee’s roughness, this is a comedic drama that reflects the concepts of randomness and nihilism.

Summary: The echoes of the American dream are muted in New York City. Alice Maia, daughter of war veteran turned drunk, is impregnated from her recently deceased boyfriend. She decides to leave Portugal in search of new hope in New York City. However, New York City turns out to be a chaotic place, full of strangers and no hope for Alice. Soon she realizes the American Dream is a beautiful fantasy, and almost everyone she crosses paths with, is proof the beautiful fantasy is not what it seems. Ana, Alice’s childhood friend who resides in NY allows Alice to stay with her and her boyfriend Joshua. Joshua disliked Alice from the first minute, and their relationship gets worse when Alice finds out his biggest secret. Meanwhile, Joshua’s brother George, a philosophy teacher and his wife Rita, who is a book editor, are in the process of very nasty divorce, due to his not so secret affair with one of his students, Mary. In turn, she is also dating the unsatisfied writer Frank, who is ready to take advantage of Alice’s story to please Rita, his editor. Frank is Victor’s best friend, an incurable romantic, who finds
their friendship put to the test when Frank meets Paloma, Victor’s platonic love. Paloma works as a receptionist to Richard Welch, the CEO in a start-up company where Alice attempts to get a job. During this time, Alice meets Victor and his friendship seems to be the only normal thing in the middle of this chaos.

Please RSVP by April 10 to:
Sofia Mirpuri
sofiamirpuri@gmail.com or talesfromtherabbitholefilm@gmail.com
Phone 6469230415