Surface Markers and I will play your soul

Surface Markers and I will play your soul

Arte Institute and Albanian Institute New York present “Surface Markers and I will play your soul”.

IDEAS CITY – New Museum

Saturday, May 30 – 1PM – 6PM 

Address: between East Houston Street and Forsyth Street, from 1 pm to 6 pm. We will be on the space number 51.

“I Will Play Your Soul” is a project designed by Renato Diz to fully include the audience in the creative process of the performance they’re attending: the listener is invited to write a word, draw an image, make an origami, solve a math problem (or anything he/she wants to) on a piece of paper…  In response, Diz will use those papers as a piano score to play/unveal the listener’s dreams, desires, expectations, fears… 
Diz is an awarded Portuguese pianist, composer, arranger, improviser, and educator based in New York City. 
“Surface Markers” 
“I’m always interested in new ways of getting to know ourselves and each other that don’t involve looking at a face. In this project, I invite you to consider what the objects you are carrying with you, right at this moment, may say about who you are, where you’ve been, and where you are.” — Joana Ricou
Visual artist Joana Ricou will take “selfies” of the audience by photographing the objects they carry in their pockets and purses. Pianist Renato Diz will spontaneously compose musical pieces inspired by the photographs and the “selfies” made by Ricou creating a unique audio visual experience.

Guitarrist Taulant Mehmeti will be giving a solo performance between Diz and Ricou’s presentations. Taulant is an Albanian guitarist from Kosovo, based in New York City.  

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