‘Súnapsis’ – António Silva & Nuno Castelhano l RHI Stage

‘Súnapsis’ – António Silva & Nuno Castelhano l RHI Stage

The Arte Institute and the RHI Initiative present the show ‘Súnapsis’ – António Silva & Nuno Castelhano, as part of the RHI Stage 2021 program.

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September 9, 2021 – 9.00 PM

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About the show:
António Silva and Nuno Castelhano met in 2018, in Coimbra, while attending the course “How to write songs” taught at Faculdade de Economia da Universidade de Coimbra by Brazilian singer-songwriter Adriana Calcanhotto.

In one of the creative exercises of this course, the first song entitled “Amor não consumido” was born. The authors decided to record and invited Adriana Calcanhotto to sing with them, which she readily accepted.

After releasing this song, the authors came to the conclusion that there was much more to sing and to explore in the future together. Having the Portuguese language as a privileged vehicle, the songs that they have been composing since then talk about themes that touch us all, such as love, disenchantment, people’s way of being and the challenges that life in society provides. In this show Súnapsis for the first time we can hear this songs played by a quintet:

António Silva – Guitar and vocals
Nuno Castelhano – Vocals and acoustic guitar
Francisco Parada – Electric guitar
Buga Lopes – Electric bass
Tomás Parada – Drums

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