Summer Nights Series | ”Land’s Baptism” screening

Summer Nights Series | ”Land’s Baptism” screening

The Arte Institute is pleased to present the film screening ”Land’s Baptism” by Vanessa Rodrigues as part of the Summer Night Series’ program.

”Land’s Baptism” film screening 
Vesuvio Park – June 26, 2019 – 8 PM

The Summer Nights Series is an outdoors event that showcases cinema, music, dance and visual arts from contemporary Portuguese artists. 

Film synopsis:
This film rescues the generational memory from several contemporaneous inspiring stories of Portuguese and Portuguese-Brazilian emigrants to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, its internal conflicts and sense of belonging to two lands, while creates a poetic visual document about the hybridity of the Portuguese cultural heritage in the wonderful city, intersecting past, present and future, by dialoguing with the literary approach of the book “Emigrantes” written by the author Ferreira de Castro, where he portrays this historical moment in the 20th century.

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