SNS Music

SNS Music

Arte Institute presents “A música portuguesa a gostar dela própria”, inserted on Summer Nights Series 2017.

Summer Night Series – Music
Union Square Park North Plaza
July 11 – 8 PM

The A Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria Association[Portuguese Music Loving Itself] has, since 2011, with director Tiago Pereira, created an awareness of the knowledge and importance of an often forgotten living patrimony of oral tradition: Songs, novels, short stories, sacred and profane practices, music, dance and also gastronomy. 
This awareness that is, in essence, a process of alphabetization of memory, reminds us of the urgency of documenting, recording and reusing fragments of the memory of a people. It contains, so far, over 2600 videos and more than 1700 different musical projects, recorded all across the country, both in the mainland and insular regions, with a particular focus on the Azores archipelago, with recordings from seven islands. The association has thus documented, with its unique artistic facet, the music that is lost and isolated in the hills and valleys, creating a gigantic acquis that is in a state of permanent continuity. 
The main goal of “A Música Portuguesa A Gostar Dela Própria” is, above all, to collectively alert to the real importance of this work, that, in our view, is fundamental to the future, as it builds a collective memory that can be seen and heard, serving not only the interested public, but also researchers and scholars.


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