Sí£o Tomé Literary Festival – II Edition

Sí£o Tomé Literary Festival – II Edition

The Arte Institute in partnership with the Portuguese Embassy in São Tomé e Príncipe and the Camões Institute has the pleasure to present São Tomé Literary Festival on the island of São Tomé from April 29 to May 3, 2019.

The second edition of São Tomé Literary Festival brings together writers and artists from the Lusophone community in São Tomé between April 29 and May 3, 2019. Through the various conversations and activities proposed, we intend to bring to the island the various tones of the Portuguese language, new ideas and open dialogue to everyone who, like us, bring words in Portuguese in their hearts.


– April 29
Opening Session – Talk with Ondjaki.
Centro Cultural Português – 6 PM

Theatre play ”O Violinista” 
Theatre company: Cacau Teatro
Script: Albertino Bragança
Director: João de Melo Alvim
Cast: Juelce Beija Flor, Dério Quinto, Laurinha Saviete
Script supervisor: Isaura Carvalho

– April 30
“Flores de Estufa, Flores de Combate” performed by the theatre group ”Surpresa da Madrugada”, with texts written by Dulce Maria Cardoso, alongside with the musician Marcello Magdaleno.
Centro Cultural Português – 6 PM

“Sobre o Mar” presents ”desembarcação” with Marcello Magdaleno and Ondjaki, and cello player Maria Clara do Valle.
Pico Mocambo – 9.30 PM

– May 1
“Múrmurios de Pedro e Inês” ballet session with Fernando Duarte and Solange Melo.
Espaço Cacau – 7.00 PM

– May 2
Presentation with Rui Zink, Francisco Costa Alegre, Albertino Bragança, Pedro Sequeira e Jerónimo Salvaterra.
Casa da Cultura STP – 6 PM

– May 3
Music performance with Guilherme Carvalho and Daniel Garfo.
César Café – 9 PM

Educacional – Workshops

April 29 – 10 AM
Ondjaki – Workshop for kids.

April 30 – 10 AM
Creative writing workshop with Rui Zink, for the Portuguese Language Degree students at USTP.

Portuguese Embassy in São Tomé & Príncipe
Camões Institute
Casa da Cultura 
Banco Internacional de S. Tomé e Principe
Pestana Hotel Group
César Café
Pico Mocambo
Espaço Cacau