São Tomé Literary Festival – V Edition

São Tomé Literary Festival – V Edition

The Arte Institute has the pleasure to present the São Tomé Literary Festival on the island of São Tomé.


– April 28 (Thursday): Opening Day
Intervention by the representatives of CCP – Portuguese Embassy, Arte Institute and União Nacional dos Escritores e Artistas São Tomenses (UNEAS)
Centro Cultural Português – 5.00 PM

Talk with Luísa Paolinelli
Centro Cultural Português – 5.30 PM

– April 29 (Friday)
Poetry session with the Associação de Jovens Escritores de São Tomé e Príncipe
Centro Cultural Português – 4.00 PM

Talk with the writers António Pedro Vicente and Pedro Sequeira, about “The path taken by new authors in Lusophone literature”.
Centro Cultural Português – 4.40 PM

– April 30 (Saturday)
Churky Concert
Espaço Cacau – 6.30 PM

– May 2 (Monday)
CPLP Festival – IV Editon (Movie Session)
Centro Cultural Português – 6.00 PM
For more information about the movies visit cplp.arteinstitute.org/

The 5th edition of the São Tomé Literary Festival brings together lusophony writers and artists in São Tomé.
Through multiple talks and scheduled activities we wish to bring the different tones of the Portuguese Language to the island, and promote new ideas and an open dialogue with all the ones that bring Portuguese words in their hearts.

Support || 
| Centro Cultural Português – São Tomé e Príncipe
| UNEAS – União Nacional dos Escritores e Artitas Santomenses