SANDRINE CORDEIRO – Racines or the square root of being

SANDRINE CORDEIRO – Racines or the square root of being

We have the pleasure to exhibit racines or the square root of being by Sandrine Cordeiro.

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Racines or the square root of being


Look back. A glance at a branch, a root or a stick, a stone or piece of cement, an object that digs the earth, the place of belonging? These elements made me visible in my relationship with them, trigger for creation. It is on the square screen that the first look, the situ-a(c)tion, the place where they met me, led to the action of bringing them with me; and the artistic gesture that resides in putting them on stage, creating a new narrative for each one of them. Not just any element; that, specifically, among many. They were not chosen, they chose me. For what? For countless possibilities. One of them: for the possibility of reunion with myself. The root in the broadest sense of the past returns this time to a more intimate look.


A look at the past, revisiting objects created at different times, which now become present. Gestures of different times cohabit the space for the possibility of being. The small square screens are the stage for receiving this first gesture and subsequent ones, a kind of before and after the screen, which now exists in the present moment, containing within itself the possibility of the whole. The future. A future still very close to the extremities (between the root and the branch, where both are the same at the same time, creating space of possibilities in this overlap), to the projections that inscribe the graphite in a minimal gesture and refer the future through those projections, the shadow but also the body of more than twenty years now taking root (not then) or its representation in the small rooted dresses, one of child hanging on the hanger over the trunk containing itself the birth and growth. It is in this dance between the natural elements that have chosen me and others revisited from the past that this square root of being is choreographed.


Sandrine Cordeiro was born in Paris, 1976. She has studied Visual Arts and Theatre at ESAD.CR and History of Contemporary Arts at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Her work focuses on the diversity of the medium for artistic expression — from visual arts to writing, staging, performance and cinema.