RHI Stage – [self] insertions by José Cruzio

RHI Stage – [self] insertions by José Cruzio

30 April 2020, 9:30pm

Arte Institute and RHI Iniciativa presentes [self] insertions by José Cruzio at RHI Stage.


I(M) ARCHIVES – is a global project, designed by José Cruzio, whithin an artistic continuous research and Master’s Degree attendance in Contemporaneous Artistic Creation, in The University of Aveiro. 

The research will address different concepts as, for example, the continuous questioning of the “place” as far as artistic creation is concerned, among other aspects. It will bring about both collaborative practices and individual ones, through questions of identity, simulations, materiality and immateriality, place, of the objective and subjective, of the appropriation and re-contextualization, the archive, and, eventually, of the arts in multidisciplinary collaboration, as well as its processes for a new insight and policy in art.

It unfolds in different projects, each one recurring to a dominant artistic subject matter and its media, practices and achievements according to the research lines of each one of them.


The self – as the deepest representation of itself – and its intense desire to permeate in the expression and language of the Other, blazes the project [self] Insertions, as another untimely view. It’s not a simple addition, but rather a particular approach about the artist’s | performer’s potential as an inherent part of the work of the Other and its own world. The video and sound will be the most evident media and will be combined in a new work.

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