RHI Stage – FACTT 2019 – (BE) COMING

RHI Stage – FACTT 2019 – (BE) COMING

07 June 2020, 9:00pm

Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present FACTT 2019(BE) COMING at RHI Stage.

A transformation is an extreme, radical change.

The unavoidability of changes is a constant awareness we have throughout our lives. We may not always be aware of it, and often just expend so much energy avoiding this “law of nature” that we forget that it exists and start thriving for stability. 

(BE) COMING is an exhibition about change, about the impossibility of not changing, about the perpetual impermanence and the process of becoming. 

As we become aware of the need to change in our world, in our planet in our lives it feels necessary to remember that life is a dynamic process. That life is a consistent process of transformation and adaptation, of becoming. Art, more than any other human endeavor is a reflection of this aspect of life and therefore the best way to remember the process of being something different, something else, something more, or something less, even while becoming ourselves. 
This year’s FACTT exhibition is composed of a series of works from different artists that makes us stop and reminds us of the process of becoming.

Find out more about the curator, Marta de Menezes.

Download the RHI Think application, available at playstore and applestore, to watch the show and to value the artists’ work by paying what you can as a ticket for these free shows. The shows are free but the work of the artists shouldn’t be. Value it!

The show will also be transmited here on our platform, and on Arte Institute and RHI Think facebook pages.

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