RHI Stage – Documentary: In the Moment

RHI Stage – Documentary: In the Moment

12 June 2020, 10:00pm

Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present the documentary “In the Moment” at RHI Stage.

A Documentary that ponders on the roots of the free music improvisation, in the particular and singular point of view of some Influential improvisers in the international universe of the freely Improvised called Music. An open, free and revealing dialogue about the subtleties of the act of improvising in music and in life. 

The narrative welcomes multiple perspectives and angles on the subject, to enhance the reflection about the way we hear, create and do music in our current nowadays. In The Moment, is not a biography of the improvised or experimental music, but rather, a reflection on the issues that makes improvisation, a territory of randomness daddies that challenges the established standards, claiming the present, like an unrepeatable and miraculously act. 

With a natural sound texture and a unique visual composition, it as born thought a personal investigation that the director himself, also musician, toke part around the theme of free music creation. Shooting on a tight budget during too years, it was only possible to build due to the strength that where overcome by the perseverance and passion itself. From the necessity of hearing others and talking through sounds, up to the wish for the risk of unpredictability, the cinematic journey express the reality that happens on free music improvisation.

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