RHI Stage – Contaminated by Dance Now! Miami

RHI Stage – Contaminated by Dance Now! Miami

03 July 2020, 9:00pm

Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present Contaminated by Dance Now! Miami at RHI Stage. 
“Contaminated”, the latest in Dance NOW!’s Covid(eos) series, depicts the journey of unwelcomed psychological incarceration we have all endured as the coronavirus has closed our country down. The “Site-Specific” video-dance work is a collaboration among three artists: DNM Artistic Director Hannah Baumgarten, who conceived, directed and choreographed the piece; first-time collaborator Steffen Zeichner, who composed and performed the soundtrack; and DNM’s other Artistic Director Diego Salterini, who as the editor transformed the choreography into a cohesive video piece. 
“Contaminated” intimately depicts the moments when we might unknowingly track the virus into our homes, an allegory for the situation that insuated itself into every part of our daily lives– the disbelief, the anger and the panic that this pandemic caused as it spread and killed, expressed through the moving bodies of four men. The common act of self-touching became our enemy as every day actions brought with them the profound risk of infection. The anxiety inflicted by the virus’ highly transmissible nature and the intensity of the international crisis warranted caution; our fear of the virus increased anxiety to a fever pitch. 

Ultimately, angst and fear turns to quiet submission and ablution. We all must come to terms with this tragedy and wash ourselves clean of the psychological damage caused by the pandemic’s impact on our lives, so that we may move forward with clarity and optimism.

Find out more about the company, Dance NOW! Miami.

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