RHI Stage – Blue Sea Project

RHI Stage – Blue Sea Project

01 June 2020, 9:00pm

Arte Institute and RHI Initiative present Blue Sea Project at RHI Stage

With musical direction by Filipe Fonseca, the Blue Sea Project is a revisit, with new sounds and draperies of the best music in the Azores.

We traveled through the nine islands where inspiration led to the creation of original themes and new arrangements. Unquestionable the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic richness of traditional Azorean music, with marked Portuguese roots but denoting African, Brazilian, European and American influences – a circumstance that is inseparable and inseparable from the historical process of the Azores over more than 500 years of experience and coexistence on these islands.

We invite everyone to travel with us through the Archipelago in a unique concert full of history, beauty and charm.

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