Pedro Zaz – Video Mapping

Pedro Zaz – Video Mapping

Arte Institute, with the sponsorship of Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), is pleased to present Video Mapping by Pedro Zaz at the Kennedy Center in Washington.

During the Iberian Suite Festival opening dinner, apresentation of the work of VJ Pedro Zaz will take place. The VJ has developed a video mapping presentation, inspired in Vista Alegre’s patterns, which gives a contemporary look to the traditional while simultaneously telling the history and presence of the Portuguese throughout the world.

Collaboration: UNITED VJs / Arte Institute
Director: Pedro Zaz
Artists:VJ Spetto, VJ Roger S., Viktor Vicsek, VJ Timmy Edens

Pedro Zaz (VJ ZAZ) is a new-media artist, working internationally with projection mapping, TV, club-VJ, stage design, audio visual performance and as an artist in fulldome / immersive cinema. Pedro is also a director and one of the principle organizers of the film festival FULLDOME UK. In the field of fulldome, he also works as a software mentor and systems integrator for VJing in digital planetariums.

VJ Spetto & VJ Zaz are responsible for the coordination of the United VJs- internationally recoginised in VJ, Video Mapping, Stage Design and Fulldome. Some of their work have been recently published in a specialist Stage Design book and you can get it here.

Together they founded the VJ University: a teaching platform which provides specific art & technology knowledge for VJs and other visual artists. Hundreds of students across the globe have already graduated from VJ University.

United VJs creatively integrates the digital arts using Video Projection Mapping, architecture, optical illusions, Fulldome (digital planetariums), Software programming, sound and video art. They have done hundreds of shows around the world are an international crew from São Paulo, with partners across South America, US and Europe. 

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