PEAC 2017

PEAC 2017

Arte Institute suggests “PEAC 2017 –  Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue”.

Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue is a catalogue where the Portuguese emerging art is the leading figure.

Digital Art/New media Art, artistic ceramic, drawing, sculpture, installation art, photography, performance art, painting, sound art, videoart.

It is intended to Portuguese fine artists with more than 21 years old, living in Portugal and abroad.

EMERGE – Contemporary Art Agency is a non-profit organisation committed to the contemporary art’s development, mainly, into the emerging art field.

PEAC2017– Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue is part of this mission. It is a project which is committed to the visibility assignment of every artistic praxis into the Portuguese fine arts, publishing the best works which are being developed home and abroad.

Written in English, this catalogue wants to reach a wide audience. Academics, arts professionals or everyone who is interested in having contemporary art. PEAC2017 will be a book and an e-book, present in the Portugal National Library as well as on the Internet. It also will be sent to collectors and contemporary art museums.

All the valid applications forms will be evaluated by a jury of curators and artists: Cláudia Camacho (Fine Arts University of Lisbon Professor, Art Alibi Founder, Antiframe CEO and Independent Curator); Jorge Reis (EMERGE Vice President, Fine Artist and Independent Curator); Luísa Santos (Gulbenkian, FCH-UCP, CECC Professor and Independent Curator); Mário Caeiro (ESAD.CR Professor and Independent Curator); Rudolfo Quintas (Digital Artist); Simeon Nelson (Hertfordshire University Professor and Fine Artist).

All the Portuguese artists, collectives and projects are very welcoming to apply to PEAC2017 here!

The catalogue will be publishing during the first half of 2017.