“Murmúrios de Pedro e Iníªs” – Ballet

“Murmúrios de Pedro e Iníªs” – Ballet

The Arte Institute is pleased to present the ballet sessions “Murmúrios de Pedro e Inês” of Fernando Duarte at Alvin Ailey in New York.

Alvin Ailey
405 West 55 Street, New York
October 10, 7 Pm

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A show where the dance uses two bodies as the language that impersonates the story of Pedro and Inês. Only the best love stories end in a tragic chapter. A ballet that incorporates the contemporary music with the poetic sound of the Portuguese language. 

Artistic direction: Solange Melo – Fernando Duarte 
Choreography: Fernando Duarte 
Music: Bernardo Sassetti – Fernando Lopes-Graça 
Text: Afonso Cruz 
Costumes: José António Tenente 
Interpretation: Solange Melo – Fernando Duarte
Production: Arte Institute

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