Medindo as Horas da Escuridí£o

Medindo as Horas da Escuridí£o

Arte Institute suggests “Medindo as Horas da Escuridão” by Pedro Pires and João Dias (0,0º Project).

“Medindo as Horas da Escuridão”
BIBLIOTECA CAMÕES | sala do piano
Largo do Calhariz, 17 – 1º Esq

September 22 – September 30
10.30 AM – 6 PM

0,0º Project

Are a result of the work between these two artists, João Dias and Pedro Pires, which have an ongoing investigation about photography, in which they influence each other through dialogue, interaction and discussion. The investigation focuses on building photography mechanisms, making of objects using low and high technology, creation of situations and characters. All of which to observe and explore the world.

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