“Last Words of Domenico & Public Sacrifice”

“Last Words of Domenico & Public Sacrifice”

Arte Institute is pleased to present “Casa Mundo”/ “Home-World”, a year long cycle of monthly performances by twelve artists that will evolve around the concept of “Home-World”, or the place we all belong to.

“Casa Mundo”/ “Home-World” will challenge an artist per month, to create a performance which will attempt to describe “Home”, in light of the World we live in today.

The third performance by Vitor Lago Silva is called “Last Words of Domenico & Public Sacrifice”.

“Home” is where we belong to. “Home” is a place we know, where our roots are nourished and our hearts invigorated, where we let our guards down. It is the place we long for after a long journey, or even before we have departed. “Home” takes many shapes and depths, many different meanings, and it is not immune to the passing of time.

To think about how we have built that place, is to think of how we have built ourselves and how we have been built by others. What pillars support our inner worlds? Are they safe enough? If we had been made in another way, how would our “Home-world” be?

In a world where all the unknowns have been found, where distance has been relativized by the speed of invisible impulses, where modern rhythms have disconnected our roots from the ground and dissolved all boundaries, how can one answer the question: “what is that place you call Home-World?”