“José & Pilar” at MoMA

“José & Pilar” at MoMA

The feature film “José & Pilar” by Miguel Gonçalves Mendes is Portugal’s Oscar Submission and it was presented November 1 at Museum of Modern Art.

This documentary shows the life of José Saramago, the Literature Nobel Prize winner , and his wife Pilar del Rio.

The film is a co-production between the director Fernando Meirelles, Pedro Almodovar´s production company El Deseo and Jump Cut.

The director talk to Arte Institute.

Watch the interview here .


Jose Saramago, Portugal’s most famous novelist, and his wife, Pilar, return home after an exhausting promotion tour to finish his final masterpiece. But the public demands more of him, with the clock ticking, and he is dragged farther and farther away from the art he loves and devotes himself so much to. A funny, witty and touching portrait on the endurance of an artistic and humanistic spirit, on how it finds its communion and strength in the form of his wife Pilar and how they forge ahead together through the enormous pressures of being a very private man with a very public persona.