JOA GRIDFONTE – Presence/ Drawing

JOA GRIDFONTE – Presence/ Drawing

We have the pleasure to exhibit “Presence/ Drawing” by Joa Gridfonte.

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Risky Space

Inside Drawing

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Joa Gridfonte

Presence/ Drawing

This is an online exhibition about the presence of drawing.

It is composed by 3 installations that explore possibilities of a physical presence of drawing in 3 different ways: “Drawing swallows the space”, “drawing is part of the space” and “drawing is contained”.

This is for me all about thinking the space trough directions, a stream with a basic element of drawing.


João Dias [Joa Gridfonte]

Solo Exhibitions


“...o desenho ganhou pernas e saiu a correr pela rua da mercearia…” Espaços do desenho. Fábrica Braço de Prata. Lisboa - "Ping Pong Project" Glogauerstr.Berlin



"Espaço Arriscado" - Centro Cultural Mestre José Rodrigues - Alfandega da Fé



"Inside Drawing"- Galeria Municipal Lagar de Azeite – Oeiras Lisboa - "Living Draw" – Stephanstr.12 Berlin



"Working Process/Another Painting" – Fábrica da Pólvora de Barcarena - Lugar Comum


Graduated in Plastic Arts-Painting by the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon University.

In 2008 and 2009 gives two Lectures at the Fine-Art University of Lisbon at Masters Degree about Drawing working process, it’s creation and development in two-dimensional and three-dimensional areas.

Living and Working between Lisbon and Berlin.

Drawing is the base of his work, which can be reflected in several media such as paint, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, film and performance.

Developed and produced several Performances connected with specific installation and short-films from those happenings, presented in Lisbon and Berlin.

Started working with Abraham Hurtado (choreographer)  in the Projects Bridge on a Wall, and AADK since 2008, under the INOV-ART Grant Program (International Internships for qualified youth from Cultural or Artistic domains).

More recently working on a project between drawing and performance with Abraham Hurtado.

Developed an analog camera system that permits to draw on the image while being captured, where the user can control the image as if it would be a canvas. Is now developing a feature film in Berlin with this system and filming a Fiction Documentary for Nina Bendzko with the same system.