“Irmí£os” and “A um Mar de Distí¢ncia”

“Irmí£os” and “A um Mar de Distí¢ncia”

Arte Institute supports screenings of the documentary “A um Mar de distância” and “Irmãos” by Pedro Magano in New Bedford.

March 12 – 3 PM
New Bedford Whaling Museum

Synopsis | What are worth the photography and film to the people’s memory? Nobody knows the exact number of Portuguese fishermen that died in the cod fishing campaigns, during the dictatorship decades of the XXth century. Buried in the sea, or in faraway places in Newfoundland and Greenland, those sailors were left behind by the same country that glorified their role in the national efforts to rebuild the image of Portugal as a Country of seamen and navigators. Telling the stories of some of these anonymous men is our way of rescuing them from the oblivion, and of taking them – or their memory, at least – back home.

A um Mar de Distância
March 15 – 6 PM
New Bedford Whaling Museum

Synopsis | Hundreds of men and children walk aligned, through the roads and trails of São Miguel Island, in Azores, a sacred place where nature and faith come together. They pray for them, for their family and for anyone that meet them on the road. Over one week and 300 km, it’s a journey of tears, joy and sharing, during a tradition that started 500 years ago.

Pedro Magano (1981, PT) is a Director and Director of photography. He studied Audiovisual Communication in Porto, finishing his degree in 2007, starting his specialization as a DOP some years after. He is also one of the founders of the film production company, Pixbee.

Filmography as a DoP:
“The Addiction to Freedom” (2011),TV documentary, for RTP ;
“Manuel António Pina – A place to lay his head”, (2012), TV documentary ,for RTP;
“Happiness is having friends around” by Coca-Cola, (2011), commercial SPOT, Japan.
“ArtMenia”, (2014), documentary;
“Brothers”, (2015), documentary;
“An ocean away from home”, (2016), documentary;

Filmography as a DIRECTOR:
“Today”, (2007), shortfilm (Best Film, Avanca Internatioan Film Festival, PT);
“Once Upon a Time in Iraq”, (2014), webdocumentary;
“Brothers”, (2015), documentary feature (Grand Prix and Best Edition Prize of Caminhos Film Festival, PT, 2015 | Best documentary at FEST – New Directors, New Film Festivals, PT, 2016, and selected in other several film festivals);
“An ocean away from home”, (2016), documentary (Honorable Mention at Caminhos Film Festival 2016);

Currently, Pedro is preproducing his next fiction shortfilm, that will be shot on April, in Porto, and he is also developing other two documentary projects: one in Azores, again, and another in Mozambique.

With the presence of the director Pedro Magano.

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