Inside the Mask: The English Poetry of Fernando Pessoa

Inside the Mask: The English Poetry of Fernando Pessoa

Arte Institute suggests “Inside the Mask: The English Poetry of Fernando Pessoa” at Brown University.

Inside the Mask: The English Poetry of Fernando Pessoa.
Brown University
McCormack Family Theater/MacMillan Hall 

17-18 April 2015.

On April 17th-18th, 2015, voices from five different departments at Brown University will join with local poets, musicians, actors and scholars in a two-day celebration of Fernando Pessoa, a major twen- tieth-century writer known primarily for his Portuguese works (The Book of Disquiet and the heteronymic poetry).

Two things make this event unique. In October of 1977 Brown hosted the first international symposium on Pessoa. At that time Edwin Honig pointed out that much remained to be said about the poet’s bilingualism, referring to his English output. No one more than George Monteiro has committed himself to exploring this largely ignored aspect of Pessoa, and his Fernando Pessoa and Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Literature (2000) breaks new ground in its discussion of the vast impli- cations of Pessoa’s role as a voracious reader/writer of English.

This conference, conceived and organized in that same pioneering spirit and coming full-circle almost forty years later, will focus on a body of poetry that continues to grow due to discoveries still being made in the Pessoa Archive. Open to faculty, students, writers and lovers of poetry. 

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