In Medias Res – In the Midst of Things

In Medias Res – In the Midst of Things

Arte Institute is pleased to present, on the occasion of the participation in New York ADFF Architecture and Design Film Festival 2014.

Installation by Luciana Fina

Sonnabend Gallery | 19 OCT  4pm – 6pm
With director and visual artist Luciana Fina 

Portuguese wines will be served.

One day, a poet, whose name I now don’t remember, confided in his friend, the poet Stéphane Mallarmé, saying: “I can’t finish my sonnet and it’s not for lack of ideas.” 
To which Mallarmé calmly responded: “Poems are not made with ideas, they’re made with words.”
Poems are made with words. Just as music is made with sounds, painting with colours, each art has its own materials with imaginary worlds are constructed.
In architecture, what are the materials for making?
(Manuel Tainha, The Maker)

With the film IN MEDIAS RES – IN THE MIDST OF THINGS Luciana Fina proposes a cinematic reading of the thought and the universe of the architect, a dialogue with his ethics and his poetics.
Embodying his words, his reflections and the constant confrontation with arts, the film establishes a dialogue between Cinema and Architecture and is an encounter between two creators.
This evening it will take a new form for exhibition space.

Watch the interview with Luciana Fina!

The wines are provided by Value Vines, llc, an importer and purveyor of fine Portuguese wines.

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