Illustrators 56

Illustrators 56

Arte Institute suggests “Illustrators 56” show with the portuguese Marta Monteiro, André da Loba and Gonçalo Viana. 

Museum of American Illustration
January 07 – February 01, 2014 

The first of the two-part annual exhibition Illustrators 56 will be held at the Museum of American Illustration at the Society of Illustrators January 7 to February 1, 2014. The exhibit features works by leading contemporary illustrators worldwide, selected by a prestigious jury of professionals. 
The first exhibit includes works in the categories of Institutional, Advertising, Uncommissioned and Moving Images.

Institutional illustration includes work appearing on merchandise, announcements, annual reports, calendars, corporate projects, government service projects, greeting cards, newsletters, in-house publications, philatelic work and collectibles.  Gold medals are awarded to Vivienne Flesher for Illustrators 56 Poster (Art Directed by Chelsea Cardinal for The Society of Illustrators), Alessandro Gottardo for Internazionale Calendar (AD: Giovanni De Mauro, Client: Internazionale Magazine), and Roman Muradov for NPR Calendar (AD: Katie Burk, Client: National Public Radio).  Silver medals go to Tatsuro Kiuchi for Waterfall (Client: Please), Mark Ulriksen for Art on Market Street: Active San Francisco (Client: San Francisco Arts Commission), and Jing Wei for Etsy (AD: Kim Bost, Randy J. Hunt, Jeremy Perez-Cruz, Client: Etsy).
Advertising illustration includes work for advertisements appearing in newspapers, magazines or on television; video and CD covers; brochures, fashion, point-of-purchase and packaging illustration; movie and theater posters.  Gold medals are awarded to Melinda Beck for Poster For a Dance Production of Ophelia (AD: Antonia Lui, Client: Chan Can Dance), David Plunkert for Baltimore Theatre Project (Client: Baltimore Theatre Project), and Yuko Shimizufor Sketch Travel Kyoto Poster (AD: Dice Tsutsumi, Client: Kyoto International Manga Museum and Sketchtravel).  Silver medals go to Marcos Chin for Grand Central Catwalk (AD: Amy Hausman, Client: MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design), Edel Rodriguez for The Abduction from the Seraglio (AD: Lisa Dingman, Client: Grand Rapids Opera), and Sam Weber for The Uninvited (AD: Eric Skillman, Client: Criterion). 
Uncommissioned pieces include all self-generated work.  Gold medals are awarded to Sarah Jacoby for Autumnal Scene, Marta Monteiro for Little People, and JooHee Yoon for Hard Times.  Silver medals are awarded to Niall McCormick for Tomorrow Never Knows and Paige Jyoung Moon for Joshua Tree Hiking.  
Now in its third year, the Moving Image category features animation for commercial purposes such as tv or online advertisements, short of feature length movies, ebooks and apps. The Moving Image entries will play throughout the entire duration of the show in the new Winsor McCay Screening Room.  A gold medal is awarded to André da Loba for his pieceTattudunpezzo (AD: Paolo Canton, Client: Topipittori) and a silver medal goes to Rebecca Mock for A Year in Trees (AD: Erich Nagler, Client: The New York Times).  

The Illustrators 56 will now be exhibited throughout the entire building, including the 3rd floor Hall of Fame Gallery. 

Image: André da Loba