Guarda-Rios Concert | Make Music Hong Kong

Guarda-Rios Concert | Make Music Hong Kong

The Arte Institute supports Guarda-Rios concert at Make Music Hong Kong Festival, on June 20. The show will be streamed online on the festival’s website.

Watch online: 
June 20, 2022

Pedro Silva and Filipe Damil Vicente formed Guarda-Rios in 2018.

Born in the late seventies in the western countryside of Portugal, not too distant from urban influence – not only through radio or tv but also by going to high school in Torres Vedras -, the duo grew during a time where the analog and digital worlds connected.

As a consequence of their natural urge to explore cinematic soundscapes through guitars, Guarda-Rios have released two albums – Provas de Contacto [2019] and Telefonia [2020] -, and are currently working on new songs for another album.