Future.Works’ Conference

Future.Works’ Conference

How will culture adapt to the future of work? Arte Institute has partnered up with Future.Works to talk about the challenges that music artists face in a remote-first world during the Future.Works’ Remote Tech Week. 

In times of isolation, it’s important to continue to share and live music. There are several initiatives following this direction, from live music festivals to DJ sets on social media. Is this the new future of music? Until now, concerts have represented a large part of the income of artists, sound technicians, cultural agents, and other associated entities, who, as a consequence of COVID-19, are now without an income. 

The session about the Future of Work in the Music Industry will take place on May 1st, at 6pm WEST through live streaming on the Future.Works YouTube channel. It will be moderated by John Gonçalves (agent and musician from the Portuguese group The Gift), with international guests from various areas of the music and technology industry such as Robin Vincent (Journalist, host, Ex Deezer), Ana Miranda (Arte Institute), Moullinex (Portuguese Musician) and Alvaro Covões (Everything is New). 

This session will address questions such as: How can artists reinvent their relationship with the public to guarantee sources of income? What is the future of live concerts? Is the public willing to pay for online events? How are the major music platforms and publishers positioned in this situation? What opportunities and threats are there for all players in the music industry? 

This session is integrated in the Future.Works’ Remote Tech Week, 5 days of free online conferences on topics such as technology, remote work, and the future of work, which will end with a free interactive live performance by the Portuguese artist, Moullinex. To participate, all that is needed is a ticket for the Remote Tech Week, which can be found on the event website, with no cost associated.