Icon Gallery, Coimbra
14 May – 28 June 2011

Unlike television, which is a passive spectator of the action, the user of the Internet, acts at will, jumping from page to page looking for something. Even if he doesn’t find anything, he built a mental journey, a journey through the virtual world. This trip, that has been sheded in the corners of your memory, loosing images, sounds, words, short phrases, like small cards forgotten in a drawer are waiting to be re-discovered.
 These are the forgotten memories of those virtual trips that FONLAD Festival seeks to recover from the memory of artists, challenging them to produce art projects based on these experiences.

Artists: Adrian Lis (Romania), Alfonso Caputo (Italy), Ana Picasso (Germany), Andrea Vannini (Italy), António Azenha (Portugal), Arthur Tuoto (Brazil), Benvinda Araújo (Portugal), Chiara Schiaratura (Italy), Elizabeth Machado (France), Jorge Simões (Portugal), José Higino (Portugal), Nicola Vernizi (Italy), Nuno Almeida (Portugal), Rodrigo Miragaia (Portugal), Tahir Un (Turkey), Tom Campenhout (Netherlands).

Inauguração Opening: Video Art
Celeste Prize: Niko Hendrickx (Belgium), Sahar Marcus (Israel), Leonld Dutov (Russia), Ferdinando Sorbo (Italy)
Athens Video Art Festival: Vincent Gisbert (Spain), James Scott (USA), Thessia Machado (Brazil), Benjamin Juhel (France), Jorg Barton (Israel), Wei Hou (Taiwan), Beetroot Design Group (USA)

Chief Director: José Vieira
Invited curators: Manuel Pessôa-Lopes, Tatiana Santos
Partner curators: Visual Container (Celeste Prize), Sotiris Iliadis + Timothy Laskaratos (Athens Video Art Festival)
Design: Paulo Corte-Real
Partners: Athens Video Art Festival (Greece), Celeste Prize (Italy), Conflito Estético (Portugal)
Prodution: Ass. IC Zero / Teatro dos Castelos