Fado Meu

Fado Meu

Arte Institute suggests “Fado Meu”, a show by Amalgama – Companhia de Dança, at National Pantheon.

A Lusitanian interlace in Fire and Water
A Tribute to Voz do Fado – Amália Rodrigues

National Pantheon
14, 21 and 28 July
6.30 PM

Artistic Director of Amalgama Dance Company | Sandra Battaglia 
Special Guests | Pedro de Faro (Portuguese Guitar and Classical Guitar) Francisco Homem Cristo and Helena Jalles (Ballroom Dancing)

Fado Meu

In the right place and right time, the National Pantheon challenged Amalgama to create a tribute to Amália Rodrigues’s Birthday, not a memory of the ashes, but a renewed memory of an eternal present. We challenge ourselves to recreate and surrender to the moment of the feeling, in one’s own expressions and languages, in the Dancing Body.

Fado Meu was chosen as title, not only because we didn’t know it before, but it also resonates and justifies itself three-dimensionaly such as fado is, by the resonance to the person Voice, Body and Soul – Amália but also by the dimension of Fado fate that appropriates of each one’s individual Path, simultaneously to a purpose of collective existence, whether it is Lys, Light or Porto graal. And that above all is played without imprisonments or fatalism but in free will, and recreated in Great and Shining Soul.

As Amália, this Being chosen by fate to be that Great Soul, Fado is loyal to its Truth, simplicity, and vision that belongs to the people.

Let Fado Meu, my Path, to be danced, to be breathed, to be ephemeral, to be art, to be eternal.