“Emptiness, Silence”

“Emptiness, Silence”

In the context of Saramago’s Week in NY, Arte Institute and Fundação José
Saramago present “Emptiness, Silence” at Sonnabend Gallery, on Sunday,
October 30 at 7.30 p.m.

The event will consist of readings of Saramago’s texts by actors living in
New York –  namely Benedita Pereira, Patrícia Adão Marques and Selma Cifka – and a
photo exhibit of works by Candida Höfer and the projection of works by
Portuguese photographer Rita Barros. This event will create an intimate
atmosphere as a tribute to José Saramago, who wrote the preface
-“Emptiness, Silence” – for the German photographer Candida Höfer’s book
(Candida Höfer in Portugal).

The Nobel Prize winner’s wife, Pilar del Rio, will attend the event, along with Shelley Rice, who also wrote on the preface for Candida Höfer’s book, and Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, the director of documentary “José and Pilar”.

This event will be live streamed here and through Arte Institute Facebook page.

Photo Credit: Rita Barros